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It’s that time of year again where we ask our wonderful VO family to think of lifting others up. In that spirit, LIVO is proud to announce the 3rd Annual LIVO Takeover Pay It Forward Scholarship. Some amazing talent and coaches have donated tuition for four (4) online classes, in the 2023 fiscal year, for one deserving voiceover artist.

Do you know someone who would love the opportunity to advance their voiceover career through our on-line workshops, and could use a little financial assistance to make this dream happen? Well, LIVO is asking for your help in locating this individual. The point of this "directed act of kindness" is for you to nominate a fellow VO artist.

Submission Rules:
1)    Send us a recording (mp3) or video (mp4) to, of no more than 3 minutes explaining why the person you would like to Pay It Forward to is deserving of this scholarship. Our panel of judges will review your submission.
2)    Include nominees email address, in writing, with submission
3)    Deadline is 11/14/22 and the winner will be selected by midnight 11/20/22 and announced on 11/27/22 on our social media pages. Be sure to follow us, if you don’t already.
          i.    Facebook
          ii.   Twitter
          iii.   Instagram 
4)    You may not nominate yourself.  Again, this is about paying it forward and helping your fellow VO community member.

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