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Education in the art and business of Voiceover and Voice Acting for all levels.

2020 Vision LIVO Event
May 30, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Adelphi University Conference Center , 55 Kennedy Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788
$199 per session or both for just $398!!! See below for more on this VO educational event


Long Island Voiceover Takeover is what happens when you get native Long Islanders together to plan world-class voiceover events/workshops. We are a group of professional voice actors bringing education to local talent, of all levels, on the art and business of voiceover and voice acting.


LIVO Takeover is proud to welcome back coaches Everett Oliver, Gabrielle Nistico and Linda Bruno for this event. We would also like to welcome Carloee Goodgold to the coaching team. For this event we are offering the option of attending the morning session with Gabby and Linda, the afternoon session with Everett and Carolee or BOTH! In these sessions, groups of 10 will be rotated with each of the coaches in 1.5 hour segments. In between both sessions will be a Lunch and Learn (lunch provided) with a surprise, award winning sound designer, recording engineer, producer and tech expert, which is available to all participants.  More on our guess will be announced soon. This full day event guaranteed to provide an exciting learning opportunity for all participants!


Gabby Nistico - TV Promo - Voiceover work that is contractual, predictable, fun as hell and heard by millions! Gabby is gonna put the PRO in Promo and teach us how to dominate the TV scene. We’ll go ‘round the television wheel and explore all the genres of programming. Don’t end up with F.O.M.O – find your voice in promo.  

Linda Bruno - Mastering the Conversational ReadThe Conversational Read is one of the toughest voiceover styles to master. And yet, it is the most requested. It can be heard in almost every genre, from Commercials and Corporate narration to E-Learning and IVR. Linda Bruno will teach you how to perform a genuine conversational delivery for auditions and sessions, and help you discover another facet of your own voice acting abilities.

Everett Oliver - Character - What REALLY goes on behind the glass during the recording session? This class is structured to put the actors into a real-life recording session situation where they will be reading a script and playing off their fellow actors. Each student will be given a chance to bring their own creativity to the role of the character. The participant will learn the knowledge of what producers and casting directors think behind the glass.

Carolee Goodgold - Singing in VO - You’re on a VO session and the director says “oh and the character sings”!!! Whether you’re a professional singer or a non-singer you should be able to create magic!! Tips and tricks to use!!


"Synergy, camaraderie, coach enthusiasm, lots of networking, FUN!!!"

"I networked with all colleagues and instructors, getting their contact info for future reference/questions/projects."

"Loved the small size and the individual attention you got"

"Excellent feedback from the guests and a very supportive atmosphere"

"A chance to work with true, industry recognized professional mentors in a very comfortable, informal setting."



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Jon Ciano is a voice actor born and raised on Long Island. A classically trained baritone with theater experience and a BS in Business Management, Jon is versed in narration, commercial, animation and video game voice over. Some of his clients include, Capital One, Stony Brook HospitalRockzone Games, Northwind Visuals and Cabaret Haiti Mission.

After being in the industry a short time, he recognized the regional gap in training opportunities for talent located on Long Island. He has made it his goal to close that gap and bring in-person, small group coaching to the area. Teaming up with Gabby and Linda was the perfect storm to make this happen.




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Gabby Nistico is a voiceover actress with a rewarding career performing national and regional voiceovers for commercial, narration, radio imaging, and TV promo clients across the globe. Her voice invades your radio, TV, computer, and streaming media every day. Boston Market, Invisalign, Office Depot, Harley Davidson, Whole Foods and Food Network are just some of her clients. A LI native, Gabby started in radio as a teenager, and in her 20 plus years in the industry, she has been a copywriter, audio/demo producer, casting director, author, voiceover coach & speaker, website/marketing expert, and VOBoss podcast co-host. Having lived in Charlotte NC for the last 15 years - Gabby is excited to visit home and get a real slice of pizza.



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Linda Bruno is a voice-over actress with over 25 years of experience behind the mic and is the owner of The Voiceover Gurus in Plainview, NY. Nicknamed "Renaissance Woman" by her agents because of her ability to work in several voiceover genres, Linda has had the honor of being the Network Promo voice for several clients such as TLC, The Weather Channel, HSN, and Disney Jr Asia.

A natural with commercial delivery, her voice has been used for retail giants such as Costco, Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond as well as McDonalds and AT&T. You can hear her each week telling you the movie titles for Fandango or about the side effects of many of Pfizer's pharmaceuticals, over the phone.

The source of her voiceover craft has always been based in acting and improvisation, and she is able to stretch her character voices every day as the leading female voice for the Universal Comedy Network.

Linda is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Business and is trained for On-Camera Acting, Voiceovers, Improvisation and Singing in various style, from Jazz to Pop. Her career also encompassed a sixteen-year stint as a disc jockey in radio including 9 years at CD 101.9 in NYC.





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Everett Arthur Oliver is a 25-year veteran in the entertainment industry. He currently runs his own voiceover company called: MY BOOTH DIRECTOR which specializing in: Professional Direction for your Voice- Over auditions. He is also an animation demo co-producer, a private coach for commercial and animation as well as a career building consultant.

Recently, he was nominated for the co-producing/directing SOVAS Award in the category of Outstanding Animation/Gaming Demo Reel, Best Voiceover. He also received another nomination for directing a Narration Demo Reel in the category of Outstanding Narration Demo Reel, Best Voiceover.

Formally working as a Booth Director at AVO Talent Agency in Los Angeles, he has directed numerous voice-over actors in countless auditions for animation, commercials, interactive, narration, promos and trailers and also sound-alikes.

He has also worked in voice-over casting for several award-winning animated shows such as Godzilla, Men in Black, Jackie Chan Adventures and Hellboy: Sword of Storms just to name a few. He has worked at several companies such as: Columbia TriStar, Disney, Film Roman distributed by the WB, ABC, and Syfy.

Lastly, his experience includes TV animation productions for several hit animated shows: The Simpsons and King of the Hill. His experience in voice direction and casting make him one of the most sought-after experts in the industry.




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Carolee has been a full time Singer and Voiceover Actress for over 30 years. She has been called "a female Robin Williams" because of her versatility and humor. She has recorded Jingles, Records, Song Parodies, Corporate Shows, Children's Books, Anime, Audiobooks, Toys, Video Games, Workout Tapes, TV Themes, Cruise Ships, Theme Parks, Musicals and anything else one can sing or speak on!

Clients include: Cheerios, IBM, Cingular, Dentyne, Verizon, Jello, Downy, American Express, Merrill Lynch, Napier and many more.

She has sung with Carly Simon, Larry Gatlin, Rosie O'Donnell, The Chieftains, Keely Smith and more.

Her anime credits include: Runner Kuromi, Photon:The Idiot Adventues, and RG Veda.